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Welcome to Curated Wellness Co.

Navigating the wide array of CBD products and brands since recognition of their health and wellness qualities, is not always the easiest of tasks.

We exist to make your journey into health and wellness with CBD that little bit easier by curating and distributing our favourite products into a package that arrives at your door, once per month.

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Curated Wellness Company

Committed to Curation

We take the stress of finding the best CBD products out of the equation so you can try a variety of ways to medicate and stick with the ones you like.

From edibles to salves and beyond, our curated boxes have been tried and tested to ensure you receive the best quality products on the market, in the most convenient way possible - straight through your letterbox!

our mission

Achieving wellness should be easy.
With us, it is.



Sometimes, you just feel tired. Your body might feel lethargic and getting out of bed in the morning might seem like a tall order. CBD helps you promote wakefulness by strengthening individual cells that are responsible for making you feel this way. CBD has the power to boost your body’s energy from increasing alertness to improving sex and everything in between.

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Sleep and health are strongly related – poor sleep can increase the risk of having poor health and having poor health can make it harder to sleep. CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety, which can be helpful in reducing sleep difficulties and improving quality of sleep.

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Recovery is just as important as exercise when maintaining your body’s wellness. CBD is extremely effective in managing inflammation post-exercise as well as the stresses that sport and exercise can put on the body. CBD is also known to relieve muscle strains and spasms that are caused by overuse, dehydration or trauma.

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