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Louie Sitwell


Where did the idea for Curated Wellness Co. come from?

Well, since returning from the US for University, the idea that cannabis could be so much more than what was depicted in films and in school ‘health’ classes was intriguing to me. The fact that it could be used for such a wide array of different purposes, not to mention for health and wellness, made me see this funny looking (but quite beautiful) green plant in a completely different way, and not just something ‘stoners’ used to get high.

What is the purpose of Curated Wellness Co.?

We are hoping to build a community of likeminded people who value their health and wellness, as well as their time! This is why we aim to make it as easy as possible for people to add high quality CBD products into their wellness regime. There is a lot of talk about the benefits of CBD nowadays and much of the praise that it receives is absolutely warranted, but we consider CBD a supplement to an already healthy lifestyle. Surely that way, life can only get better.

What has your experience with CBD been so far?

Of course my experience thus far has been completely positive and if I’m honest, quite enlightening. I’ve managed to try as many different brands and products as I can in order to understand what works for me. I tend to mix it up, but you can count on me dropping 10mg of CBD oil in my morning coffee or breakfast smoothie and again in my coffee after lunch. Other than this, I find that if the feeling hits or things get a little overwhelming at the office, a few puffs of my CBD vape chills me out so I can crack on with the rest of the day. I really enjoy its subtlety in the knowledge that I’ve used something completely natural to enhance my wellness for that day.

Who would you recommend joins the Curated Wellness Co. community?

I’d love for everyone to be a part of our growing community! However, if I had to narrow it down I would suggest that if you are health conscious and aim to lead a largely natural life and wellness regime, then we are the solution for you! We understand that people are busy and don’t always have time to keep up with all the newest developments in the world of health and wellness, so if we can help in that way, let us know!

It sounds like the plan is for Curated Wellness Co. to be much more than a CBD subscription service?

Well, I definitely don’t want to run before I’ve learnt how to walk (is that the expression?) but yes, we want to make CBD products accessible to as many people as possible. My fear is that there are thousands and thousands of people who might feel put off when they hear the word ‘cannabis’ or ‘hemp’, that could actually be helped by using CBD products. Curated Wellness Co. stands for dispelling the stigma around cannabis, educating those who could benefit from including CBD products into their lifestyle and making achieving wellness as easy as possible.
Let’s start by curating the very best CBD products in the market and delivering them through your letterbox on a monthly basis, shall we?

To be one of the first to receive a curated CBD subscription, join the waitlist via the homepage and pick the box that suits your needs. As soon as we are ready, we’ll let you know and you can start adding CBD to your wellness regime without having to leave the house!

(we suggest you do – it’s nice outside!)