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‘Where has the day gone?’

‘This week has flown by’

‘I wish I had more time’

‘How is that the time?’

Sound familiar?

­So often we feel that we don’t have enough hours in the day and that time has run away from us, but this begs the question – what exactly are we trying to make time for?

By making a conscious effort to step back, breathe for a second and slow things down, we might discover that we’re capable of getting a lot more done than we think. Here are five things that can be practiced daily to help you keep up with both yourself and your to-do list:

1.     Turn screen time into me time

It’s easy to think that checking in with yourself is the same as checking social media, or that finding life’s answers must mean asking Google, but too much of this ‘connecting’ might actually be distracting us from how we really want to spend our days.

If you sleep with your phone by your bed, maybe your first step to reducing screen time is moving it to another part of the room. It takes away the temptation of a quick scroll last thing at night or first thing in the morning (two times of the day when artificial light doesn’t need to be staring straight back at us).

2.     Try single-tasking instead of multi-tasking

In such a fast-paced world, the ability to multi-task has become the norm. However, rather than thinking that being productive is getting as much done in the day as possible, start considering it to be when single tasks are completed efficiently, one at a time.

To stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed by how much is on your plate, a few drops of CBD oil in your morning coffee can help prevent your stress levels rising and bring a more positive and focused approach to whatever the day has in store for you.

3.     Make mealtimes an event

Food is the way to so many of our hearts, so let’s start treating the moments we dine as time-worthy parts of the week. Sometimes on-the-go is the only option, but when we do have the ability to sit down with a meal; turn the TV off, invite others to join, and most importantly, chew slower!

If cooking is your thing, mealtimes may be your way of factoring CBD in to your lifestyle as well as pursuing a favourite hobby.  An easy way to do this is by incorporating a CBD infused oil, such as coconut oil into your salad dressings and soups.

4.     Give yourself a power hour.

Mornings provide such personal time, so why not make them your favourite part of the day? Try setting your alarm a little earlier to give an entire hour to yourself; whether that involves taking a morning jog, enjoying a nutritious breakfast, or just sitting still – sometimes you’ve got to spend time to save it.

Of course, feeling rested is just as much about quality of sleep as it is about quantity. If you’re struggling to wind down after a busy day, CBD may be the remedy you need. A higher dosage in the evening has been proven to aid people’s sleep patterns, as its anxiety-reducing effects help users fall into an easy and natural slumber.

5.     Move more

No one wants to feel that they’ve spent the entire day in the same spot, so don’t make physical activity one that you skip. Switching up your surroundings and releasing built-up energy is such a simple way to feel like we have done more with our time.

This could start with adding a 15-minute walk to your daily commute or by taking regular afternoon strolls around the block – however you find the opportunity to move, do so at your own pace (your mind and body will thank you for it later).

Let’s stop worrying about what we didn’t get done yesterday, last week or even last year and focus on what we are getting done right now.

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