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CBD is causing quite the domino effect across the health and wellness industries at the moment, with consumers everywhere becoming increasingly concerned with going green. Given CBD’s ability to modulate appetite, pain, sleep and everything in between, mother nature’s place in your workout regimen is calling.

No pain, no gain: it’s a mentality that the endorphin chasers among us swear by, but what happens when all that ‘good’ pain takes a turn and the body rejects the idea of your next workout? A frustrating mix of discomfort, soreness and fatigue we guess.

CBD for recovery

Anyone that’s exerted a great deal of themselves on the gym floor, in the ring, on the track or anywhere else for that matter, will be familiar with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) i.e. the pain and stiffness felt hours to days after a workout. It’s the result of microscopic tears in the muscle fibres through high-intensity exercise and the body’s inflammatory response to this impact. The sooner this inflammation is reduced, the sooner the body is able to recover from soreness and prepare itself for another round of intense exercise. This is where nature’s non-psychoactive, anti-inflammatory powerhouse comes in.

CBD’s well-documented anti-inflammatory quality is what makes it such a valuable asset to so many areas of wellness, and sports recovery is no exception. The inflammation caused from pushing your body to its peak can recover sooner with CBD, given its ability to suppress inflammation throughout the body and protect cells for better growth. Rubbing your joints with CBD balm is a good way to target specific areas, though taking it orally in oil form will enter the bloodstream faster. Like all CBD products (and each personal desired outcome), it’s about finding what works best for you. However, a good starting point and rule of thumb for dosage is 1-6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

CBD for recovery

Night is the optimum time for your body to recover from a calorie-smashing workout, so a good night’s sleep can go a long way for those wanting to speed up this process. This is because when we fall asleep, we produce the growth hormone, melatonin – a key source of protection against oxidative stress on the muscles. CBD itself is a well-proven sleep aid; helping users to switch off from the day faster and enter a sleep that’s deep enough to feel restorative for both the mind and the body. By taking CBD after your workout, you are helping your body rest when it should be doing so, meaning you can enjoy more days on and less days off.  

When we take on endurance-based exercise it causes a certain degree of tissue breakdown and fatigue in the body. During these activities, our immune system is at play, ready to swoop in to the areas we are exhausting – enhancing strength and stamina in the process. Taking CBD before your workout will help bring you energy by positively boosting the body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ECS acts as a type of homeostatic gatekeeper for our immune systems, so by taking CBD before a workout, you can be more prepared for the activity at hand and the changes it causes both inside and outside your body.

There’s no denying that CBD’s popularity in the sporting world has gained a lot of momentum since it was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of prohibited substances in 2018. Sports stars across the globe are reaping the benefits, including professional England rugby players, George Kruis and Dom Day – Saracens teammates and co-founders of fourfivecbd:



”I first took CBD oil after suffering an ankle setback last year and it helped me with my symptoms. CBD allows me to support and maintain an active lifestyle in the highs and lows of professional sport. If CBD can help other people get on the field, in the pool, on the court or in the gym for two minutes, hours or years, we’ve done a good job at fourfivecbd.”

– George Kruis.


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Whether you’re a serious athlete, weekend warrior, or just wanting to invest more time in fitness, there’s a lot to suggest CBD can help you achieve your goals at a much smoother and effective rate. No more excuses!

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