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Femme subscription box


Specially designed for women, our Femme box has been carefully curated to fit the needs of the modern woman. Femme will feature CBD that is proven to help ease cramps and menopausal discomfort but will also include gentle skincare products so that one’s beauty regime will no longer be complete without CBD.


  • Moderates your mood by interacting with the limbic system (the portion of the brain responsible for emotions).

  • Re-balances hormones by interacting with transmitters responsible for hormone secretion.

  • Prevents and alleviates bloating and menstrual pain by improving overall digestive function and reducing nausea, period pain and inflammation.

  • Enhances skin and cell regeneration for a flawless complexion.

  • Anti-aging effects for younger looking skin.

  • Better quality sleep to have you looking and feeling rested.


Our Femme CBD Subscription Box offers CBD oil for menstrual cramps, pain, bloating and better
sleep. CBD also has hormone re-balancing properties, which can help improve your mood and relieve
some of the symptoms brought on by PMS, menstrual cycles and menopause. CBD can also help
you look and feel your best as its cell regeneration properties can improve the appearance of your
skin, giving you a younger looking complexion.


Here at Curated Wellness Co. we are committed to providing you with the right supplements to suit your lifestyle, health and wellbeing needs. Find out more about CBD for sex and our Luxe CBD subscription, or check out our other specially curated CBD subscription boxes.

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All CURATED WELLNESS CO. CBD products are free of THC or in some cases only contain very small traces. You will not experience a high from using our products, just the health and wellness benefits to supplement your daily wellbeing.

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